Hello! Welcome to HIP AC.E. - an annual membership for Hip Sobriety School alumni.


Pretty simple. Each month, starting on the first of the month, you'll receive an email that links you back here. Each month will have a theme that will be reinforced through myriad ways. Unlike Hip Sobriety school where we learn a lot of information in a short period of time, AC.E. will give you the chance to go deep on one topic. 

Monthly Mantra.

You'll be given a mantra to repeat throughout the month - to really focus on and embed in the subconscious.

Monthly Words.

Much like the daily emails that give some context to apply the lesson, I'll write a short essay to ground the lesson in.

Monthly Meditation.

We'll focus on one type of meditation each month and use all types of meditation. Vipassana, guided, Kundalini, etc. The meditation will be either on video or audio, and we'll make it so you can download the content to your local (and carry it with you). The meditation will pair with the theme.

Monthly Lecture.

I'll give a lecture - 30 minutes to 60 minutes - on the topic we are exploring. Topics will range from going deeper on things we've already learned like meditation, nutrition, mental health, EFT, relationships, coming out sober, ritual, and additional topics like anxiety, depression, etc. 

Monthly Group Coaching Call.

On the third Monday of every month we'll have one group coaching call  - just like in school - I'll answer pre-submitted questions and live questions. We can - of course - run over if we need to. The call will be recorded and available immediately after. Instead of listing the questions and answers by month, we'll be adding an Group Coaching Call page so we start to build a library of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. They will be grouped by topic, and searchable. 

AC.E. Facebook Group.

We'll have our own separate Facebook group. This group will grow with incoming graduates of every HSS.