JOIN LABS + Monthly calls.

To all of our new AC.E. Members, WELCOME HERE!

The calendar below is your ‘go-to’ for all monthly Calls. Just click on the call you’d like to attend and use the listed Zoom link to access. And that’s it! You no longer need to sign up like you did in school.

Our AC.E. Calls consist of the following: 

    • Weekly Lab opportunities with the AC.E. Teaching Assistants 

    • Monthly Community Lab options

    • Monthly Q&A Call with Holly

    • Monthly Town Hall call with Sarah & Lisa.

Reminder: Labs are structured, hour-long video calls on Zoom, and are meant to give you an additional (and optional) resource for community. Labs are meant to provide a more intimate opportunity for peer to peer connection. Given the nature of the Lab, we ask that you please join us on time and try to stay throughout the entire call (the group coaching calls with Holly are drop-in and drop-out, this is not like that). Thank you!!

Monthly Call Opportunities.