Have you ever found yourself wondering "What do people do when they are supposed to write things as just filler?" Well, that's what I'm wondering right now. I love you! And in April I promise there will be a relevant message here (it'll be short, but sweet - just enough words to give some pop to the mantra). 



Every month there will also be a little lecture! Think in terms of single-pointed message (like boredom, groundlessness, in-between, busting through blocks, loneliness, taking breaks from family, coming out sober, cross addiction, anxiety, etc.) There may or may not be additional exercises, it just kind of depends on the material. But count on about 20-30 minutes of content here. I really want to keep the message each month on point, simple, and practical - so we can go deeper. 

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One meditation to practice each month. THIS WILL NOT ALWAYS BE KUNDALINI! I AM AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY MEDITATOR! So we'll do some guided ones, some visualizations, some breath practices, as well as Kundalini. The meditations will be downloadable (even videos) so you can keep them on your local 4-ever.

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Group Coaching Call.

The coaching call will be hosted live on the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm Pacific Time. The link to join is here.

The replay will be available immediately following the call. All questions and answers (including mentioned resources) will be posted to the FAQ page. 

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