So this is our last month of the formal AC.E. thing (for now) where I send a meditation and a mantra and a lecture, and all of it's late, and that's because every single fucking woman in me is tired. Like, ALL. OF. THEM.

I am burnt the fuck out. Which is why it's the 7th and I'm sitting in a hotel room with Megan doing this. So: I am sorry this is late. (Also it’s not lost on me that this is my preamble for every month now).


Megan and I got in bed with coffee and then went over the suggestions you guys had given us in the FB group today to figure out what to do the lecture on. Because I can't figure out how to pack toothpaste or really do anything strategic, I decided to do the lecture off of a lot of different things you guys asked for. Cravings, compassion fatigue, how to know what to do for ourselves and navigate recovery, how to take care of ourselves in between now and later this year when Hip Sobriety is more "manifested" - basically, everything (but actual manifestation).

One of you also asked me to talk about: standing up when we've fallen flat on our fucking face. I thought that question was perfect, because if we’re being honest, and we are!, 2018 has so far been the year I’ve fallen flat on my face. It’s been the year I haven’t wanted to keep standing up, the year I’ve wanted to just stay down here on the ground. And so I think if we are trying to wrap things into themes, and if we are trying to make sense of all the different things you guys asked me to talk about it, and if I were to tell you about the one thing I for sure know how to do (which also btw happens to be the one thing YOU for sure know how to do), it’s how to stand the fuck yet again, especially when we feel like this time we might be better off staying on the ground. 

(Lastly: I want to be clear that this one was really hard for me. I hate putting out what I feel is sub-part content, and so if it is, I am sorry for that. I know I teach you to do your best and be okay with whatever comes of it, but sometimes I can't let myself off that mighty and tortuous hook.)

I love you, I love what you’re made of, I love what we are made of. Thank you for making the last 12 months what they have been, for creating a family and a place and a thing with each other and with me.

I’ll see you in Facebook, on our calls, in our upcoming in real life events, on Instagram, and in my heart each time I take a breath. Thank you, and all of you, for making this, well, This.




This is also available in an audio format so you can download and listen to on your MP3 player (iTunes, etc.).


Group Coaching Call.

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