It's weird to say right! That's okay. Try it anyway.

It's weird to say right! That's okay. Try it anyway.



Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be sitting here sending off a lecture about managing money. I mean, can we all laugh about this for a minute? I was the girl that got a $500 Victoria Secret credit card and a $1,000 Express card at age 18 and maxed them out within weeks - I had a blue satin negligee and matching robe, and I couldn't afford a 12-pack of Diet Coke. These were my beginnings, and they only got worse as I got older - not better. I am and have always been a woman not to be trusted with credit cards, savings accounts, or zero percent financing. And real talk, even now - to this minute - I am still on some level that same girl. As in: I just stopped typing this to you because my friend texted me that she's been using Kim Kardashian's retinol cream and it's changed her life so I LITERALLY TOOK A BREAK AFTER WRITING "I CAN'T BE TRUSTED WITH CREDIT CARDS" SO I COULD SPEND $90 ON KARDASHIAN FACE CREAM*. (*Deep breaths friends, I used cash. But still it just proves the point that even people like me can fix their monies, honeys.) 

I am not a money teacher, a money role model, or anything close to Suze Orman. In fact, Suze Orman would probably cut me with a coupon. But maybe that's what makes me the perfect person to talk to you about money.

Two weeks ago I sat in a cafe with an advisor, a woman building software that will help couples create financial plans. She explained to me how her platform worked and I shuddered, thinking of the time I went to a financial planner who gave me a spreadsheet with a few hundred lines that I was to live by. I explained to this woman (the one last week with the software) that my people (you people) wouldn't be able to do her plan, or at least many wouldn't. She asked me why it was different from booze - pointing out that if people can quit alcohol, they should be able to control anything. I explained that you don't control booze, you just don't drink it. 

We quit drinking. We can't quit money. I went on, explaining that when we (and by we I mean me) try and do things with either food or money that is restrictive vs. expansive, we (again me) tend to explode all over the place. When I told her I had moved from $100k in debt to a few shreds here and there that will soon be paid off and a credit score that was less than 550 just three years ago to one that is 711 as of today (BOO YA), she asked me how I did it, if I didn't use a budget. 

What I said was something like: (1) I started doing responsible adult things (2) I did a lot of purple-unicorn-metaphysical-Oprah-ish things, and (3) I left room for me to be me (as in, I am the kind of chick that stops writing emails about saving money to spend money on Kardashian skin cream and no spreadsheet fixes that shit). 

I explained to her I had to create something that didn't starve me and regiment me and box me in and drive me crazy and rule my life. I needed something kind, balanced, and that served up more freedom than confinement. 

That's what this month is about - finding balance, abundance, and freedom. 

I'm not going to lie - what I am proposing to you will feel like a lot - especially if you are in severe debt, living paycheck to paycheck, don't open your bills, or are ruled by money fear in any way.  In fact, it will feel like a lot even if you are the most responsible money bunny in the world because this isn't just about money - this is about a complicated relationship that every human (save the ones living in tribes and ashrams) has to have.

But also, what I'm proposing to you isn't boring, rational, or just about money. It's about the way we do everything. 

I implore you - especially those of you with the cold sweats - don't put this one off. Like all things, it's only bad when we don't look at it; it only controls us when the lights are off. Let's turn them on in a really sweet, kind, approachable way (and with good face cream and no spreadsheets). 

I love you so damn much. 



This is also available in an audio format so you can download and listen to on your MP3 player (iTunes, etc.). There is a slide deck to go along with the lecture, and the worksheet for exercise #1 is here.



This month we are practicing a simple 3-minute Kundalini meditation. The video is below - it is meant to be a tutorial, not an everyday video. I want you to practice this on your own for three minutes a day for forty days. The playlist in Spotify is here (you are using the music called Tantric Har Too, the other mantra is one you can sing along with in your car for extra prosperity juju), and the written instructions can be found here



This month the suggested reading is You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero. Same as last month - this is a quick read with lots of practical exercises. It will build on last month's book. This will also be what we build our money and manifestation lectures off of (next month). You can skip reading this month since there are lots of exercises - reading it next month will also serve you along with next month's material. Up to you, read it now or later, but definitely read it.



The coaching call will be hosted live on the third Monday of each month. The link to the call will be sent to you the morning of the call.

The replay will be available immediately following the call. All questions and answers (including mentioned resources) will be posted to your respective FAQ page.