For the last few months we've been talking about manifesting. This started a looong time ago, like all the way back in May, when one of you beauties asked me to talk about how I make the things happen, as in, how did I learn to follow my heart to Italy, to writing, to all the things. I hadn't thought about talking about making shit happen in AC.E. per se, though I had planned on talking about purpose. Anywho, that comment reminded me that over the past few years I've gotten really good at making my dreams a reality, and I felt this big strong desire to talk about that vomit-inducing word, manifesting. Not long after that comment and realization, Azita told me in one of our sessions that I was ridiculously talented at calling in the shit I want. It felt urgent to teach something about it in AC.E., because this God-given talent must be shared, or something like that. 

Around this same time (last May) I traveled to Italy for a week, picked up Jen Sincero's book on Money, texted my ex-whatever Francesco, didn't get a response (but did get a read receipt), and then ran into him and another girl on the street in Rome. 3 MILLION PEOPLE LIVE IN ROME, and at any given time there are 100,000 tourists. Which is just another way of telling you I'm really good at manifesting and I'm also really good at receiving spectacularly obvious rejections from the opposite sex. 

I've been building up to this one lesson I want to teach, this maybe hour-long lecture about how to get whatever the fuck it is you want. And here I sit and the thing I want the most I don't know how to get. 

And so this month I don't want to teach about manifesting, or following your heart, or making it rain or whatever the hell we think of when we think of getting the thing we want. I want to teach about the hardest part of this whole thing, and that is faith. And not just the kind of faith we can tap into when the goal seems close at hand or when we get what we want, not the kind of faith that we talked about last month where if we just hold the thought in our heart and our mind we'll get immediate results. The kind of faith we have to stick our hands down our throats and into our guts and twist and dig and scrape for. The kind of faith that we have to have when everything in the Universe signals to us that the thing we want is not ours and will never be ours. The kind that we find when we have absolutely no reason to have it. 

I love you.



This is also available in an audio format so you can download and listen to on your MP3 player (iTunes, etc.). There is no slide deck this month. 



This month we are practicing the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. Note this is not a "Kundalini" meditation, it's a widely-recognized yogic meditation and we are practicing the Kundalini version of it. This is the current meditation that I am doing, and it's an advanced meditation. That being said, please only practice this starting out at 5 minutes and build from there, adding up to a minute a day (or every other day). If you guys want to do this with me for 40 days I'll be doing it for 90 so you can follow along - I started it on September 22nd and I'll be doing it through 12/20. Please watch the entire video and practice with me for at least the first seven days - from there I encourage you to try the practice on your own using Insight timer to track the time.

For those of you who are looking for something less "intense" doing the Ego Eradicator for 3 minutes is perfect and accomplishes the same thing we are looking to accomplish with the Sordarshan. The written instructions can be found here



This month the suggested reading is A Return To LoveI couldn't think of a better book on Faith then this. 


Group coaching call.

The coaching call will be hosted live on the third Monday of each month. The link to the call will be sent to you the morning of the call.

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